Solutions for Streamlining ICT and Business Processes

ICT Architecture and Platform Optimization

The traditional approach to ICT was to isolate the key ICT components or tiers, namely storage, servers (compute hardware), the network and applications, and consider their implementation singularly or individually as an ICT tier on its own. As the complexity and density (numbers) of the components in each tier grew due to the automation of more and more aspects of an enterprises’ value chain using varied ICT solutions, the approach to consider these tiers in isolation quickly became an outdated approach.


We understand the application-to-disk approach to the optimization of ICT solutions. The individual tiers (storage, servers (compute hardware), the network and applications), whether acquired from a single or multiple Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), need to be considered together from a “Systems thinking” approach. Hence, those individual tiers need to be viewed collectively as a single ICT whole solution and treated as such to identify the bottlenecks to optimal or maximum performance (since systems can either be optimized or maximized from a performance tuning perspective).


We assist organizations to undertake Complex Problem Solving for their ICT portfolio using our Systems Thinking approaches and tools, which enable us to investigate and address any business operational pains being experienced by enterprises from any industry. Reach out to us to start the journey of simplifying your existing ICT platform with us. We help our customers to gain deep insight into their ICT platforms and architecture, and put them in control of the ICT investments. This way, ICT platforms become predictable to an enterprise and its value chain’s stakeholders. Consequently, the enterprise’s business processes get executed as expected by the business operations team. We are ICT engineers who understand business processes and business operations. This is because we are also Enterprise Architects. Consequently, we are process-oriented, and so we do not approach ICT in isolation from the enterprise.