Solutions for Streamlining ICT and Business Processes

Data Science or Analytics

There are many organizations in both the public and private sectors whose databases or data stores are like “black boxes”, whose content is not well known to the organization. Data Science comes in handy to help expose and make sense out of the hidden trends described by the data in those databases. It does not matter which sector or industry an organization belongs to. It also does not matter what kind of applications capture, store, maintain and/or transmit the data in these databases. Data Science comes is a fairly recent discipline that provides the body of knowledge, tools and practices for helping to make sense out of the data held in any database or data store.


Analytics apply principles that enable data to be grouped in clusters that are defined by identifiable characteristics. It also helps to bring to the fore data associations that can be used to generate hidden trends. There are generally two categories of analytics, viz:


  • Declarative Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics


Declarative Analytics help to provide descriptive analysis of the target data, while Predictive Analytics help to produce trend extrapolation, which assists with trend analysis, or prediction of future trends based on the extracted current and past trends.


As Data Scientists, we are able to identify the type of data analytics that an organization can extract from its existing data. We then develop data models that facilitate the generation of the required analytic reports. Our analytic reports are always visual, combining data with its visual graphics. We also ensure that our customers get parameterized analytics, which enable them to visualize data from different perspectives. Our analytics tools of choice also enable our customers to enjoy the benefits of live, interactive analytic reports, which respond to a user’s visualization desires or requirements.


To simplify the consumption of data analytics reports, our analytics tools of choice enable our customers to instantly save their analytics reports in either PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint or HTML format. We deliver the benefits of a solution provider who understands both business processes and operational requirements on one hand, and the ICT technologies, tools and practices that deal with data management and analytics on the other hand. This is why under our single roof, you get Enterprise Architecture and Business Processes solutions on one hand, and ICT solutions on the other hand. We understand the Enterprise and we understand its ICT requirements.