Our Collectively Exhaustive and Mutually Consistent Modus Operandi


You may ask...

Cutting Edge Technologies Limited has its head quarter at Nairobi, KENYA. The company however, operates throughout Africa.

Cutting Edge Technologies Limited focuses on the requirements of the Enterprise or organization. The ICT, Enterprise Architecture or Business Processes related products and services that we provide focus on the enterprise-level requirements as we are an enterprise-level solution provider. Those products and services include anything required in an on-premises data center, enterprise-level cloud computing solutions, and any technology solutions required in the operation of an Enterprise (for example zoned Wi-Fi access solutions, electrical power backup solutions, “compute” servers, storage, firewalls, switches and routers, software licenses, support and consultancy services, software development and training).


Our non-ICT services relate to enterprise-level business process engineering and  Enterprise Architecture requirements

We partner with Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Extreme Networks and Vertiv among others.

The entire Cutting Edge Technologies Limited business practice is based on, and centered around, Systems Thinking principles. This Implies that we focus on the whole enterprise while providing products or services to a segment of the enterprise. This is why one of our core values is to “support our customers to improve the efficiency of their business processes through each of our solutions”. We are holistic in our approach, as all of our solution methodologies or approaches are Enterprise Architecture oriented: well thought through and well executed while keeping an eye on their effects to the whole enterprise.

We open branches in the countries where a physical brick-and-mortar presence is required. We also travel to customers’ premises where physical presence is required. In the other instances, we make use of such technologies as: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Remote Desktop Connections like AnyDesk and TeamViewer, Web Conferencing tools, Voice Over IP (VoIP) and any other telecommuting technologies suitable to the customer’s requirements.