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Why us

This is what Our clients say:


“…We would definitely not have been able to migrate our application to the cloud without your assistance…”

A Chief Technical Officer from an organization that we successfully trained and supported to implement their CRM application to the Oracle Public Cloud platform.

“…you can really make a customer successful…”

A customer for whom we consulted and trained in Eastern Africa.

“We wish to recommend Cutting Edge Technologies Ltd for any engagement tied to the above tasks, which they conducted for us.”

The Director of an organization in Kenya for which we successfully completed a turnkey software engineering project. We undertook the tasks of software design and development, hardware scoping, supply and installation, data centre setup, end-user training and outsourced Systems Administration.

“…I did not know there are such people with such skills here…”

A happy representative of a Public Sector organization for which we conducted consultancy that helped to address issues that were impeding the government’s ability to deliver an essential national service in an East African country. The output from our consultancy services were used to advise the cabinet.

“…Thanks a lot for the effort you have taken to train me on Cloud Computing…”-

A happy customer’s representative from the Financial Services Industry whom we trained in Cloud Computing and supported to successfully implement an application on a cloud platform.

“…You do not need a big team. You only need the right people.”

The happy ICT Manager of a Telecommunication organization for which we successfully upgraded their ERP in a delicate operation, from an unsupported technology configuration to a supported technology combination. Their on-site outsourced ERP management team had been unable to undertake the upgrade.

Business Focus

We maintain our Focus on your Business Processes, and we are committed to improving them in order to make your Business and Revenue Models effective.

We understand that ICT ought to help to automate all of your Operational Processes, make the data flow within your Information Systems simpler, accurate and effective. We also understand that, in the process, ICT ought to make your Business Operations more effective and complete, while giving you more control over them. When this is achieved, the automation of your entire Business Processes translate to many conveniences and other value additions for your Customers. This in turn translates to more revenue to your business. Cutting Edge Technologies is here to help make this a reality.