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Our Services

Cloud Computing

We optimize our client's services to run from our cloud platforms and offer advice on matters pertaining to cloud services. These Include Saas among others.



we offer Optimization of heterogeneous technologies. Businesses with hybrid systems and multiple technologies running concurrently are our greatest beneficiries here


ICT Consultancy

You can always reach us for consultancy services pertaining to ICT. We also offer training for most softwares in your business


Policy Formulation

Wehave a trusted long experience in ICT Policy formulation and implementation to optimize business processes. Try our services.


Outsourced Management

while you specialize and focus on your business model, get our outsourced services for your system management and maintenance.


Application Development

Oft we develop softwares or modules to automate business processes within an organisation. These include native and hybrid.


Hardware and Software Licenses

We supply ICT hardware and Software Licenses, implement them and provide first-level support


Data Centre design and setup

We design data centres and build data centres to conform to any organization’s business requirements


Business Continuity

We undertake Business Continuity planning. We assist organizations develop and implement practical business continuity plans beyond a simple Disaster Recovery strategy.


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Business Focus

We maintain our Focus on your Business Processes, and we are committed to improving them in order to make your Business and Revenue Models effective.

We understand that ICT ought to help to automate all of your Operational Processes, make the data flow within your Information Systems simpler, accurate and effective. We also understand that, in the process, ICT ought to make your Business Operations more effective and complete, while giving you more control over them. When this is achieved, the automation of your entire Business Processes translate to many conveniences and other value additions for your Customers. This in turn translates to more revenue to your business. Cutting Edge Technologies is here to help make this a reality.