The 4th Industrial Revolution E-Conference

The following are some thought provocative aspects of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We have put them together as pointers intended to create more awareness on the 4th Industrial Revolution and its impact on societal life.


Assume you are a panellist participating in a conference to discuss the 4th Industrial Revolution in your city. How would you answer the following questions?


Use these pointers to ponder over the impacts of the 4th Industrial Revolution to life as we have always known it.

  1. How can Blockchain benefit the ordinary person living in your:

2. How can Blockchain benefit the ordinary person living in your:

Question: Is this confluence or convergence introducing DISRUPTIONS or OPPORTUNITIES or BOTH?

3. The 3rd Industrial Revolution is at its tipping point, heralding the entry of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The 3rd Industrial Revolution gave/has given us INFRASTRUCTURE. The 4th Industrial Revolution is a DIGITAL revolution. The 3rd Industrial Revolution made our lives easier and more comfortable.


Question: Is the 4th Industrial Revolution likely to add more convenience to our lives, or overhaul our established systems? Is it likely to continue the improvements in our lives or lead to the establishment of totally new systems? Which aspects of society are likely to get affected by it?

4. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which cryptography (encryption techniques) are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.


Question: While focusing on your continent, what do you see as the likely impact of Cryptocurrencies on the global money market and economy, especially given that a Cryptocurrency operates independently of a central bank?

5. E-Commerce came to provide an alternative to the brick-and-mortar business model, which are/were more capital intensive to establish and operate. In many parts of the world, mobile payment technologies have contributed immensely to the adoption of E-Commerce and E-Business. This has impacted our daily lives in many ways.

One probable use case for Blockchain is the provision of NOTARY services, where technology (Blockchain) would replace a discipline (legal practice).

Question: Please paint a portrait of how the very near future is likely to look like in the normal societal life in your part of the world as the 4th Industrial Revolution takes root.

6. Innovations, particularly of the kind that gets adopted more easily and speedily, come in small incremental steps. Innovations that take the form of a huge leap into the future by introducing huge changes to the status quo often face more resistance and take longer to get adopted. The 4th Industrial Revolution is introducing huge leaps in some areas and providing missing links in some other areas.

Question: How would you generally describe the effect or impact of the technologies that are coming with the 4th Industrial Revolution in terms of their adaptability and impact on society, particularly in your part of the world?

7. As a case in point, how can Blockchain enable your government to achieve its development agenda?

8. The 4th Industrial Revolution is already changing the hitherto Economic Models. The controls hitherto enforced by governments are getting pushed out of the way to create a new Economic Model of Free Markets and Free Individuals..


  1. What business and other income-generating opportunities do you foresee coming out of this new revolution particularly in your part of the world?
  2. Would you take the 4th Industrial Revolution to be a panacea for the
    widespread unemployment particularly among the Millennials in your continent?

9. The 4th Industrial Revolution is a situation that society in general needs to be sensitized about.

Question: How would you propose that this sensitization is done so that the continental citizenry gains awareness of the technologies coming with the revolution and their infinite possibilities/opportunities?

10. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has so far established FOUR centers
focussing on, and championing, the 4th Industrial Revolution sensitization, readiness, and exploitation. These centers are in the USA, China, Japan, and India.

Question: How would your part of the world go about establishing such a center or forum to sensitize society and champion the adoption of the attendant technologies to ensure you do not lag behind in this revolution?

The 4th Industrial Revolution is bringing together:

Question: How would you simplify this to enable any person to understand it better?

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