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System Dynamics Methodologies and Tools


System Dynamics in Operations Management is not widely known and understood. At Cutting Edge Technologies Limited, we are privileged to have inhouse resources with formal training on the application of System Dynamics in Enterprise Operations Management. Organizations often have complex subsystems which have to interact and interoperate in a given manner for them to deliver the mandate of the organization. In order to determine the correct parameter values for the individual subsystems as they contribute to achievement of the organization’s objective, a reliable formula needs to be applied. This formula, in our present time, cannot be based on a leader’s or manager’s experience, the rule of thumb or a hunch.


Our methodologies and tools of Systems Dynamics, Business Process Engineering and Operations Systems Management ensure that we capture all relevant components within the scope of an organization’s Value Chain. We are then able to model the organization’s operational processes and undertake a computer-based simulation that enables us to identify any changes that may be vital to an organization.


This way, an organization does not have to undertake trial-and-error learning iterations of experimenting with real life resources in an attempt to identify the required resource quantity ratios.. Instead, we undertake the trial-and-error simulations on computerized models that allows us to safely conduct robust what-if scenarios which do not require our client to undertake the actual investment in the resources being experimented with. 


This is why at Cutting Edge Technologies Limited, we do not use the approach of advising organizations to blindly conform or adapt to the dictates of ICT. We instead work at assisting organizations to get ICT to work for them in a manner that simplifies operations, eliminates duplication, gaps and unnecessary redundancies, and improves output. This is aligned with one of our Core Values which is, “Supporting our customers to improve the efficiency of their Business Processes through each of our solutions”. The “solutions” here refers to any of our ICT, Enterprise Architecture or Business Process solutions.

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