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Enterprise Architecture

Business Enterprises or Organizations often start as a small entity with a small scoped business and revenue model. In the public sector, the entities often start with a small scoped service delivery model. Over time, however, the scope of these organizations grows as more business ideas and product or service lines are added to the organization, or as the scope of operation grows. With time, what started as a simple enterprise ends up big and complex.


In the process of growth, enterprises often lose internal coherence to some extent. Their business processes across organizational units lose some degree of operational consistency and smoothness in their interactions. Duplication in resources creep in unnoticed as individual organizational units operate with some degree of detachment from each other. Inefficiencies creep in and internal and external persona, which interact with elements of the enterprise begin to experience poor service delivery and poor customer experience (CX). These, among others, are symptoms of an organization that is getting out of control, and which needs a review of its Enterprise Architecture.


Enterprise Architecture breaks down an organization into its granular elements, streamlines these elements, and harmonizes their interactions with each other. An organization that undergoes an Enterprise Architecture review is like a poorly performing engine that undergoes full servicing and reconditioning. The organization emerges from the Enterprise Architecture project as a newly redesigned entity with its overall objective clearly defined, and with all the components or enablers required by the organization to achieve its overall objective well in place.


Cutting Edge Technologies Ltd provides Enterprise Architecture review and related services to organizations from both the private and public sectors, and from any industry. We leave your organization, irrespective of its size, clearly documented graphically for easy understanding, management and control. We ensure all the user journeys and experiences for all the internal and external persona becomes a pleasant experience.


Enterprise Architecture projects’ deliverables usually provide a snapshot of the organization as at the time of undertaking the Enterprise Architecture review. An organization benefits from an Enterprise Architecture review because, apart from the other benefits, it also gets a clear insight into the state of health of its enterprise architecture. This is why it is a healthy business practice to undertake an enterprise architecture review at the same frequency at which Strategic Plans are prepared in order to ensure the entire organization remains well aligned internally and externally.


NB: Every organization has an external environment, which it has no much control over. Enterprise Architecture, however, does help to bring harmony between an organization’s internal processes and its external environment. Allow us to be your partners to help keep your Enterprise Architecture healthy.