LIWA – Linking Industry With Academia Organization

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The Need

LIWA is a unique organization, managed and operated by leaders in academia (professors and leaders in the education sector). They identified a gap between the skills and competencies required by employers, and the skills and competencies imparted by universities and Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions in Kenya and the Eastern Africa region. LIWA therefore set out to find a way of bridging this gap between the requirements of employers and the capabilities imparted in the graduates of the academic institutions of higher learning.


LIWA identified the following requirements, which needed to be addressed for them to achieve their objective:

  • Develop a Business Model encompassing the need for problem statement expressed in the above “need”
  • Develop a Revenue Model from the above Business Model
  • Design an application with internal and external (publicly accessible) modules to enable LIWA execute their business and revenue models
  • Identify the hardware and software required to host the application, including the electrical power requirements to ensure no downtime for the application (and to build a data center from an empty room)
  • Develop the application and implement it on the above platform

What Cutting Edge Technologies Limited did for LIWA

LIWA engaged Cutting Edge Technologies Limited to undertake all the above requirements. We therefore designed the required business and revenue models. We also identified the required business processes, and designed the application required to automate those business processes. As part of the project, we identified the hardware, network and electrical system requirements for the application. We were tasked with the supply, implementation and testing of those data center systems. We then developed the application, implemented it, trained LIWA staff to use it and signed it off.

Upon further review of the application, LIWA sought the services of Cutting Edge Technologies Limited to develop an analytics system on top of their application. The analytics system was required to be complex enough in order to include a match-making capability, where requirements for internship and job placement from university and TVET students and graduates would be matched against provided internship and job opportunities from member organizations (employers). We developed this analytics system and signed it off into production use by LIWA.

This was a turnkey project that involved the use of our enterprise architecture and ICT services in the same project. The end result was the creation and operationalization of a new entity from scratch.

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