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Systems Integration Done Right

Posted on 1 November, 2018 by Lenny Muraya

The implementation of Enterprise Grade software requires appropriate planing and execution for it to deliver the expected performance Service Levels. Failure to acquire hardware with the right specifications or following default or inappropriate installation configurations could be a constant source of frustrations for the System Administrators, users of the system or users of the application deployed on such a hardware platform.

Access to the right skills to assist in the identification of the right system specifications is a key determinant of the success of Enterprise Grade systems and applications implementations. Configuring the systems correctly for the Storage, Compute (servers) and Network tiers is as important as ensuring that an application if fully debugged. Correctly specified hardware that is correctly installed, configured and integrated is the beginning point of a successful Enterprise Grade software project.

After the hardware tiers are successfully installed and implemented, the platform software of Databases and Middleware (like the HTTP server) need to be installed and configured appropriately to meet the technical and performance requirements of the application to be utilizing them. This is because CX (Customer Experience) does not stop at the appearance of an Application's Interface, but goes on to include the performance of the application, which is heavily dependent on the hardare tier and the platform software's specifications and configurations.

We are skilled Systems Integrators and Implementors, with inhouse capacity to handle every ICT tier: Hardware, Platform Software and Applications. Our Solution Architects can assist in designing a solution Architecture, Identify the correct Hardware Components and their specifications, identify the correct Platform Software and its specifications (like extra options required) and our Software Developers can handle any requirements for software development or customization of off-the-shelf applications. Our Systems Integrators or Implementors can implement most Hardware and Platform Software components to the best configurations based on established Best Practices to ensure the maximum throughput of the entire platform.

Cutting Edge Technologies Limited has skills that address every ICT tier from Application (the top tier) to the Storage (the bottom tier) and the Platform Software components in between. As a result, we are best placed to also provide First Line Support given our knowledge and skills in the full ICT components stack.


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